[Gossip Star] 2NE1 “Take a Bow” ++ (3V)

Yike! ~~ 2NE1,,  i love their voice …

ahh~~ I’m surprised Minzy‘s voice xD so good Live!! ❤

:: Take a Bow ::

Sandra‘s voice ..  is pretty xD  ><   she give a sweet voice and smoothing …..

ya CL‘s voice ..no comment ! because def  GOOD!!! rocks! so talented

Bommie.. amazing voice !! as we known  ..

:: Fire ::

Here’s “Fire” Performance^^


Minji.. how come this girl can did like that @0.48  omggg!!!!  lol


@YGladies & CodeMonmonSeason2

3 Responses

  1. dang…minji makes me feel pain with that split. I like these outfits more than the other performances

  2. I super like Music Bank performance. The best outfit and very energetic perf as always.

    Can’t wait to watch this Sunday Inkigayo, I hope they will win Mutizen!! xD

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