[CAP] Hyori – Family Outing Ep.51 + Ep.52 Preview (6P+1V)

– CAP –

Family Outing Ep.51

(Jun 15, 2009)

Click Image…to see100% size

(Guest; Chu Sung Hun)

Start cap with smile eye angle ;D  me…faint*!


how funny our w. wake up ;D  like a baby<3

Look her expression when she knew that she also the one dae chose to cook… haha

Yaaaaaaaaaaa………….. so cuteeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! this woman! ya~~~

Today our w. cook  xD  with her sibling and dongseng .. im waiting for this 3 together again in cooking part so long

daedae & JS still crack me up lol  with his dumb! ROFL

I couldnt help but love the guest’s smile lol he look abit like kookjong .. his shy smile and even if his look is so strong

but the way he acted not that scary at all ;D  like kookjong number 2……..

<but kookjong now have changed lol bcoz of our w. right?>

Ya! our w. and daedae! why u alway together everywhere again!  Yikezz! jealous

but me love<3


Ah…. really! lazy make GIF! so i stop this lol xD  love sweetie mama…

Ps. Did u girls see… Sunchang Sauce lol


Preview >Next Week!

T_T  farewell ChunJin..  Our w. cry yaa… TT__TT



5 Responses

  1. The preview is heartbreaking. I’m going to cry for sure when I’ll watch the farewell episode…

  2. m.m how do u add those cap pics in small size, then click to 100%??
    THANK YOU for all the beautiful caps mum ;p
    The ones with our w. in huge glasses and lollipop are the cutest. Look like my classmate!

    Lol I saw the Sunchang box too!! but they use marker to hide the label haha ;p

    Dae so funny in that pushing game…he’s one flexible boy!
    I’m going to cry too for sure…even the preview made me a little teary eye ;[(

  3. i will miss both of them T_T

  4. omg.. watchin the preview itself, i cry alr.. hyori cried too..=((

  5. aska, you know that your preview is featured at allpop? good job baby, i think i will cry if i see madame lee cries, and you guys notice that daeRi has become a couple which daedae cant be without hyori? i love the nation siblings and their brother together

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