[Interview] Hyori speaks about Family Outing

>> Hyori speaks about FO <<

:: Jun 13,2009 ::

Hyori in recent  interview regarding  Family Outing.

(full korean article at site below)

멤버들과는 실제로 많이 친해졌나요? 가장 편한 멤버를 꼽는 다면요?
Have you got close with members? who feels most comfortable around you?

다들 친한데, 오빠들은 다들 결혼을 해서 사적인 자리에서 만나기 쉽지 않아요. 또래인 천희나 대성이, 종국 오빠와는 가끔 술도 마시고 고민거리도 털어놓죠. 그리고 서로서로 경조사는 꼭 챙기고요(웃음).
I’m close with everyone but most of oppas are hard to meet in private because they are married.I often have drinks with the same aged Chun Hee, Dae Sung and Jong Kook oppa and allow them to counsel my problems and we go each others events. (laughs)

아무래도 제가 가수이다 보니 대성이나 종신, 종국 오빠랑 다른 여러 가수들과 술자리를 가질 때가 많죠.
Because I’m a singer, I tend to have drinks more with Dae Sung, Jong Shin, Jong Kook oppa and other singers

~Translations: jklove07@soompi

Woh, can Dae Dae handle drinking with his nuna? Is he even at legal drinking age? Our woman is pretty hardcore when it comes to drinking ;p

She’s drinking with Kook Jong too!? That’s probably why the awkward couple is no more ; )


7 Responses

  1. Ya! woman… you alway drink and drink!
    that’s why we can’t see you active lately ;P

    but drink with daedae & kookjong.. im ok! u can xD
    and Ye~~ that’s why kookri no more..awkward couple lol

    kiddy..daedea 20 now..can drink! ..You see he can shooting beer CF too lol

  2. hey guys
    well I dont think they drink till drunk, I think it’s just their meeting once in a while, and they drink together, hyori cant be drunk cause she has to work,keke

  3. noona is very friendly

    i think daesung can drink now because he’s in hite cf

  4. This new is so sweet!! I’m happy that Hyori has new drink buddy. I couldn’t stand in OTR when she said that she’s lonely and there is nobody drinking with her…

    I guess TOP is super jealous that DS can drink with Hyori… Keke

  5. @startoxic, exactly what i thougth TOP sure is jealous of daesung, even seungri is jealous of daesung cause he can work with hyori,keke.

  6. Who know… maybe other singers.. she means all Bang boys !! ayiii xP kikiki

  7. LOL… I’m pretty sure Dae is old enough to drink. He’s 21 in Korean age. And he’s doing a Hite Beer CF… o: -looks above- I guess yall already know that. Hahaha

    It’s really great to see that they really do keep in touch outside the show. ^^

    Hehee, I don’t think of Kookri as the awkward couple no more. ^^ Yay Kookri are close! : D

    Thx for the news~ ^^

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