[Hyori’s wings] :: June 15th 2009 (#2)

Lee Hyori and Kiss?

To anticipate in this event you have to draw the sexy diva Lee Hyori in a TOP girl shirt with lips symbol, the material is lightweight and practical items for Vacation , belts and accessories, the style is Hyori’s style.

The best 10 people will receive gifts from Lee Hyori.

One person said ”I like the styling in the event and that Lee Hyo Ri through the draw, and Lee Hyo Ri’s gift.

”The event with the Ad, and Lee Hyo-Ri Hot Summer dresses worn in the popular pictorial kkeulmyeo are leading sales.

Women’s clothes brand TOP girl ” kiss event” with Lee Hyori is working right now, this even started from June 14th.

At the same time, TOPGIRL products are very popular online and offline right now.

Korean women are interested in this presented kiss products, a shirt which in the middle has

lips symbol is loved by girls and is popular items in korea right now.

More . . . Yoon Gun thanks to Hyori

New DJ Yoon Gun.. Thanks to Hyori ‘Beauty’

Yoon Gun, after the success of the digital single with Korean queen of Pop, Lee Hyori, Yoon Gun has been chosen as the DJ of MBC” Dreamy Radio”.Begin June 15th, YoonGun is in charge every night from 10pm to 12pm.
”let’s hope that our queen will be guest of his radio show soon”


Talk about… ‘Twitter?’

You guys know about twitter? I heard twitter is like korean cyworld which Korean celebs use it to talk with their fans, and fans visit their twittet to get the schedule and pics of their idols, I heard Hyori had one too,

but I’m not sure if it’s her own twitter or it’s her fan?


2 Responses

  1. So how do you enter that event to win her prizes???
    I want to play.

  2. well I think it’s like a competition which you have to sign in….or something like that, i’m not sure, or the TOP girl company wanted more style so they organize this event???

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