[News] Lee Hyori, Park Shi Yeon ”Family” same age couple

>> ”Family” same age couple <<

:: Jun 15,2009 ::

Actress Park shi Yeon has been selected as the new member of sbs good sunday ”Family outing”. On June 15th, Park Shi Yeon begins her first shooting with the family in jeans, normale clothes, it’s said that it is the new fuel to the blood transfusion.Park shi yeon, Yoo jaesuk and Lee Hyori have met in friends relationship.

Coincidentally, in ”family” home, Park Shi Yeon and Lee Hyori were born in 79, so they are at the same age. Lee hyori who has played the sister of Park Ye jin who carries two aspects on Family outing.

Lee Hyori who has the most girl power among the female guests who came on Family outing like SNSD Yoonah, Son dam bi, park ye jin. In particular Park shi yeon and Lee Hyori both are known with their sexy images,Park Shi Yeon with a strong early relationship with Lee Hyori, joins the show with another side of her, which likely gives more fun for the show.

After the news of Park Shi Yeon joins the family has been revealed, it’s discussed everywhere whether Park Shi Yeon could do well on the show or not, would she be open to the members?, while the relationship between Lee Hyori and Park Shi Yeon is expected to be close and fresh.

It’s been revealed that Park shi Yeon will face many hardships to make the show better, and it has been revealed that this year a new Cinderella will be born and raised.

@Translation : ashleesimpson | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

7 Responses

  1. I dont know her before ,, Park Shi Yeon ><
    but i hope she will get along well with our w.

    Ya! why sexy image! i want cute image more like Yejinie
    btw! can't wait ^_^

    Thanks ashlee!<3

  2. barbie, she has a sexy image in her movie and drama, but it’s said that she would have another image, cinderalla on FO, so i cant wait, well since I’m a korean drama crazy fan, so I know her very well, i watch her interview before, ( long time ago) and she’s so shy on TV and her voice is so soft, from her interview i think she’s totally the opposite of hyori, so dont worry

  3. waaa just getting all these updates makes me even more excited to see what will happen in the next episodes with them as family members… oh is it true that park hae jin likes lee hyori??? a friend just told me…

  4. thanks for sharing the news
    and i knew her before in a drama
    but i dont like her
    maybe wille like her after 1st ep will release

  5. ^
    …:) it’s me, finklhyori is maclamkhue

  6. PSY concept in FO is Cinderella?? It reminds me of Chunderella … ='(

    I really hope the new members will go along with the others, and bring a fresh concept to FO.

    >Ftriad: I’m not surprised if Park Hae Jin likes our Hyori. She’s so friendly and outgoing, look FO ep.50 with the Kfighter, she was so close to him like they have known each other for 10 years… ^^ On the contrary, the others members were so afraid of him, they kept calling him Mr. Chu. Haha, it made laugh so much!

  7. I don’t know Park Shi Yeon at all….. I hope she’ll fit well with the Family. c:

    We don’t need two sexy queens on the show. ;o

    Idk about PSY being the new ‘Cinderella’ tho. ]:

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