[News] Koda Kumi plagiarised ‘U-Go-Girl’?

>> ‘Koda Kumi’ plagiarised ‘Lee Hyori’ <<


:: Jun 15, 2009 ::

Japanese singer Koda Kumi’s recent ‘Lick Me’ MV off her May album ‘Splash’

has been said to have plagiarised Lee Hyori’s ‘U-Go-Girl’ MV from last year August.

More . . . Cuts from the MVs for comparison + PV

The MV scenes


[PV] Lick me – Koda Kumi

Source : K Bites
LOL!! Just netizens!
i think just only MV CUT are similar and style! dunno..
but when i watch this PV .. i dont think it plagiarised ..
what do you think girls ??

Koda Kumi also high lv in Japan too..

btw, for me.. our w. style is better 😛 cuter huhuhu

4 Responses

  1. both of them are superstar in their own country
    but i cheer for hyori is better :p

    starwberry girl vs u-go-girl umm :p

  2. I don’t think Koda Kumi plagiarised Lee Hyori.
    The ideas of making movie is different, not similar.
    Oh netizens…

  3. at first when I looked at the caps, they look so similiar, I havent watched the MV yet, but I heard the Mvs are totally different.

  4. I see the similarities but nothing scandalous.
    Is that the 80s retro style? The concept is always the same, some colorful clothes, background, the cliche bar, the school yellow bus…

    Nothing really new. Netizens can be a pain sometimes.

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