[Hyori’s wings] :: June 16th 2009 (#3)

‘The DVD of Lee Hyo Ri – Top’s kiss performance

MKMF 10th anniversary awards releases’

For a total settlement of the domestic music industry’s best music festivals in the 2008, Mnet KM Music Festival (under MKMF), as a surprise that the DVD will be released on 15th. This MKMF had the best artists ever, the concert featured the 10th anniversary of the numerous topics and issues which helped MKMF to be able to release a DVD . It has almost been 1 year since last MKMF but the music industry is still crazy about last MKMF, the songs and performances are still in our lifetime, even the reruns are well received, so this DVD’s news os a good news for music fans. You sure havent seen how everyone worked hard for this MKMF, so the rehearsal is expected to bring another fun. Last year Mnet MKMF gained more popularity thanked to the hottest performances of the best singers ever, the hottest and most watched performance of the Sexy Diva and Bigbang which included the kiss performance which made the night better, Idols groups like wondergirls, 2PM also had a joint stage… This DVD is waited by a lot of fans inside and outside Korea, China, Japan and other Asians countries are already excited with this DVD.

More . . . > Family Outing > Fake Lee Hyori …

News on Family outing

The 2 new members of Family outing have ended their 1st shooting with the family, the PD said ” I’m satisfied with park Ji Yeon and Park Hae Jin’s acts on the show”.  It’s promised to bring more fire on the show with the 2 new members, it’s said that Lee Hyori, Yoo Jaesuk can get along very well with the 2 new members. The 1st ep with the 2 new family members will be aired on July 5th.

‘Fake Lee Hyori and Son Dan Bi’s transformers showgirls”

A club which calls” Trance Mix” is opened last May in Korea,  You have in this club around 20 sexy girls every day, and each of them is one famous singer, such as sexy diva Lee Hyori, Son dam Bi.,Ivy.etc.


4 Responses

  1. Are any of you guys planning to buy the MKMF dvd? I only care for the HyoBang performanc…and already have so many versions on my computer.

    All the showgirl lookalikes look pretty cool. The girl for SDB looks kinda weird ;p

  2. Whoa, there’s gonna be a MKMF DVD?!! O: Cool. HYOBANG = the most memorable MKMF performance! ^^

    …I think that’s the only perf I know from the show too. xP I wasn’t around during it so Idk much about it.

    Idk if I’ll buy the DVD …. o w o;

    ….Hmm, that club is kinda weird. XD I rather have the real person. ;P

  3. OMG!! they will release the DVD because of our HYOBANG too hot right? 😛 keke

    I only want HYOBANG perf.. /award in HD 😛
    someone pls rip and CUT for us … lol bad m.

  4. wow they will release MKMF DVD
    i definitely buy it
    for HyoBang of course

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