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Lee Hyo Ri, “Family like ‘Family Outing’, regret over change in members”

We attempted to contact the national fairy the madam of the house Family Outing’s Lee Hyo Ri. Lee Hyo Ri was in Bali for a photo shoot but responded to our interview request via phone to support ‘Family Outing’.

‘Family Outing’ will be having its 1 year anniversary soon. What is your impression and what is the secret of this success?

It seems like time really flew by. All this time I’ve had fun taping it, and I’ve grown close with the members like family. It’s really a show that people can get attached to. I think the secret to the success of this program is the nostalgia that people have of life in the old days. That’s why many elders like this show as well. The economy is difficult so right now the interest is on family. Our program is the only one with the family concept and many people like the warm hearted feel of it.

Is there a trick to adjusting well in a real variety show?
I get along with anybody. Naturally I’m not someone who is restrained. Furthermore the people and the relationship between people are important in the show. The care and affection between each one (of us) seems to come out by itself on screen.

It seems like there’s no way for you to avoid being seen without make up. Do you feel burdened because of this?

If I haven’t debuted for a while of course I’d be burdened. But until now it’s been 10 years since I debuted and many people know my natural/original self so I can show myself comfortably.

Have you actually gotten really close with the family members? Who is the family member you feel most comfortable with?

I’m close with everyone, but since the oppas are married it’s hard to the meet up with them. Sometimes I have drinks with same age Chun Hee, Dae Sung-ie, and Jong Kook oppa and talk about my problems. Furthermore we definitely won’t miss each other’s events. (laughs). Anyway, I’m a singer so I go drinking a lot with Dae Sung, Jong Shin, Jong Kook oppa and other singers.

After 1 year is there a guest that’s most memorable to you?

Everyone. I remember everyone because they had difficulties. (thinking about it) Ah, Jang Hyuk oppa? It was the first time I saw him on a variety program. Actually he is someone who doesn’t go on variety shows. I’m not the only to think this way. The other members everyone said this about him “It’ll be nice if he comes here again”.

How is your relationship with the other female member Park Ye Jin?

At first I was worried she’d be standoffish but surprisingly she is a really good-natured person. After the end of filming we went drinking together without any restraint. Her first impression is totally different from the attached dongsaeng that she is, she also followed me well. To tell you the truth in other programs I get nervous when they are standoffish and I feel uncomfortable. I think my point is that it’s a good thing I met the ‘Family Outing’ members. I really can’t hide my expression well when I feel uncomfortable. All the recent talks of replacing the family members really trouble me.

Have you ever thought of acting or trying a different field?

If given a good chance, I also want to act. Whether a movie, drama, sitcom or any other areas I’d try my best.

What is your plan for the future?

I plan on making a good album with my 4th album. I also want to fulfill my greed by doing music program. And I think I will also continue doing ‘Family Outing’. Actually the hard part is the physical part. When it’s hot it’s hot and when it’s cold it’s cold; that’s what I have to suffer. Because I needed to bring laughter, I may act excessively and say things I don’t mean. When I find myself doing these things it really irritates me. However because I enjoy the people I’m with and because I’m attached to this program, I will do my best using all my strength.

Translations by o-cha@Soompi


3 Responses

  1. That’s realy interesting ><

  2. wowo I love all what she said, her interviews are loved, i love reading her interviews. madame lee is a very sensitive person that’s why it bothers her when there is some changes, well i know madame lee likes to drink, but sometime i ‘m worry about her health

  3. Not only us, she said: “All the recent talks of replacing the family members really trouble me”. T.T
    I’m so happy bcz she said she ‘ll continue doing FO :”P

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