[News] Lee Hyori to work with E-Tribe

>> Lee Hyori to work with E-Tribe <<

For new album next year

:: Jun 17,2009 ::

Singer Lee Hyori will work with E-Tribe who also brought us her hit song ‘U-Go-Girl’, for her new 4th album.

They are currently working on her 4th album. Last year, Lee Hyori made record as highest-selling female solo singer with her 3rd album.

She also had her 1st solo concert last year with the release of her 3rd album.

E-Tribe has also went famous as being the producers to the hit song ‘U-Go-Girl’. They also made other hits like So Nyeo Shi Dae’s ‘Gee’.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori is set to release her 4th album beginning of next year.

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Additional Background on E-Tribe:

It has recently been revealed that E-Tribe (Ahn MyungWon), who has composed many star singers’ songs, had composed So Nyuh Shi Dae’s new song, ‘Gee.’

Last year, he composed ‘U-Go-Girl’, making Lee Hyori rise to the top and even composed cute girl group Kara’s digital song, ‘Yoreulrei.’ Besidesthat, he also composed Uhm JungHwa’s ‘Disco’ and even So Nyuh Shi Dae’s comeback mini-album title song ‘Gee,’ which is becoming a big issue.

According to a pop music judge, “E-Tribe’s songs are the start of new trendy music. He uses electronic beats and MIDIs to give his music a trendy feeling.”

So Nyuh Shi Dae, who is preparing their comeback with ‘Gee,’ said, “We received many songs from many famous composers, but E-Tribe’s song was the most stylish and trendy so we decided to make this our title song,” revealing their reason to why they made ‘Gee’ their title song.

ⓒ Today Korea, Jan 2009
Translations credits to Daisy Kim @ Soshified.com


4 Responses

  1. E-tribe? are they those guys from the country side who hyori mentioned at MC Mong and maybe radio’s shows??? she said they came from the country side so they worked so hard… but that name E-Tribe I thought i have heard it somewhere?
    well good to hear that, I have a feeling that she would comeback with a sexy concept like Punky Punky party or a hiphop ‘s concept is good

  2. next year ??? is it too long ? 55

  3. Ya, next year…so freaking long time away for me 😦

    Not too familiar with ETribe..but I love UGG and Gee. Isn’t that more of sexy cute concept though??
    I guess we’ll see later….very excited to hear news about 4th album though. Yay!

  4. Ya! W.! me want your 4th album will be a sexy hip-hop style … please!!

    CAN’T WAIT! Arrrrrr next year! i said ‘i can’t wait’
    //shout to that lazy woman! 😛

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