[HR’Talk] Various K-pop Idol Group loves U-Go-Girl (Lee Hyori)

SS501,Snsd,Super junior, 2pm, 2am, Kara



Talk about SJ also love our w. 😛

In love with Lee Hyori, that is! Recently on Gold Miss is Coming, Shindong once again performed his cover of Lee Hyori’s U-Go-Girl. Super Junior must really love this girl because they have done countless number of covers of many of her songs.

But come on! Who doesn’t love Hyori?

Heck, I would even go lesbo for her. Anyways, Shindong’s most recent performance sparked my curiousity and I began to look for clips of Super Junior performing Hyori’s U-Go-Girl because I knew that this was definitely neither the first time nor the second time. I was quite surprised by the amount I found, and I’m excited to share them with you guys! Shindong is the obvious super-fan of Hyori, but the rest of them love her just as much and they express their love for her by covering her songs in concerts to TV shows!

Hey Super Junior Fans (ELFs), listen up! Here’s a way you can get some attention from Super Junior. All you have to do is look and dance like Lee Hyori, and maybe, just maybe they’ll look your way!



keke…. Hyori’s ‘U-Go-Girl’ is so popular among Idol

Ye~ lol who doesn’t love hyori xD

allkpop also sure love our hyori too 😛


2 Responses

  1. lol..u-go-girl power! very cute vid ;p

  2. No comment on how cute or funny he is, but cause he does u go girl so i love him, everyone , idols.. who love u go girl, madame lee, i will love them too,haha i know i’m so weird, i also love those mnet artists because they are under the same company with hyori,haha

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