[Eng Subbed] HYOLEE – OTR Ep.6

>> Hyolee – Off The Rec <<

( EP-6 )




By HyoleeSubs

Cre: hyoleesubs.wordpress.com/Soompi

Translation: startoxic

Timer: larch89, TenTen || Editor: aska15, Barbie1r

Encoder/Uploader: Barbie1r


12 Responses

  1. cute, love it, she’s the best, my queen, love her hair and her glasses when she went to the market

  2. LMAO…Buy 1 get 1 free makes her so happy! :p

  3. Did you guys notice her parking space in the garage is #079….79ner lol

  4. oh really , her paring space? LOL didnt notice that, LOL

  5. Why she so worry in everything? ….
    i can feel she stress about everything in a day.. clothes/make up/late/worst outfit … blah blah
    go to some event.. back home and looking for news what they talked about her or did she do something wrong today? Yike! like this everyday!

    HR: Am i that pretty ? lol

    NO! 😛

  6. barbie, No HR:” am I sexy?”
    HR” is there anyone who is not my fan?”
    hahahha I totally love her confident
    agree she is worry about a lot of things
    and she couldnt sleep cause of her works
    gosh how can a human live like that??

  7. Hyori is very cute when she went to supermarket and whispered “hyori hyori hyori hyori” 😡

  8. ahh,…ive been out the whole day..din realise the ep is OUT!!..gonna watch it..thx HLS!!

  9. waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! she so loves buy one and take extra things for free kekeke for her information she is the prettiest, sexiest and loved by everyone star kekekeke

  10. Thanks for the subs!!!!!!!!!! ❤

  11. its finally out!a bunch of thanks

  12. thanks for the subs
    love ur hardworking spirits

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