[HR’Zoom] Lee Hyori’s villa (2P)

Pictures of Yoon Eun hye, Lee Hyori and Chae Jung An’s Villa. The interior pictures of the Villa is just a sample of what the interior looks like. Once they move in they can paint it and renovate it any way they like to make it homier.

This 2 billion won villa in Nonhyun-dong is a high-class villa known to be the place where celebrities prefer to live in, it is often referred to as the “celebrity villa.”

This villa is also where Lee Kyung Kyu and a president of a broadcasting station live. Even President Lee Myung Bak has his private residence in the villa.


credit: dceune for pics

I’m not sure whether Lee Hyori’s already living here or she is moving here.

But looking at the pics, her house is so big and luxurious.

Isn’t it too big for only one person?

I hope she has a boyfriend who can come over and keep her company. ^^

10 Responses

  1. Alice this is a the whole villa, and in there you have different apartement, hyori owns one there, and yoon eun hye live above her, LOL i didnt know chae jung ahn lives there too, totally love cha jung ahn good to hear she lives at the same building too,cool,keke

  2. ^Oh cool. I didn’t know YEH and Hyori lived so close to each other.

    Wow, the apt looks so nice. Fresh and modern. ^^

  3. Oh WOW! Thanks Alice…the insides looks so modern and spacy. I love the bathroom with black marble..so luxurious!

    I think this is her home now, they show her moving here toward the end of the Off The Record I think. I guess more room for her to chase her kiddies around haha ;p

  4. Large ..but why not house in suburbs ?

    Here in US celebs often buy mansions ..well they do buy sometimes apartments , but only if they stay in city .

    • You don’t know the situation in Korea do you? A house in the suburbs that’s like 3000 square feet would cost millions. It’s not like Los Angeles where you have endless amount of land and sprawl, Seoul is dense like New York City. So like the New York City people most people live in condos and apartments.

  5. Omg!! so luxurious!!!
    how come she live alone … it’s too big
    i love the bathroom… cool! xD

    thanks alice…
    Yike.. we should buy one ..live together and stalk her
    but K. pay all! ;P

  6. woww so luxury !!!

    so it’s true that hyori and eun hye live in the same place
    she had said in FO
    wooww that’s cooool

  7. i wanna live there!!!! bit i don’t like to live above hyori’s apartment nor below her apartment nor beside her apartment i want to live in her apartment kekeke don’t confuse my gender i’m female kekeke female crazy fan!!!!

  8. she ‘s living in this villa, in a second i thought she was acting in yoon eun hye next drama and using this house as the hose villa for the story.
    Shocked me for a while * headache troubling*

    hope she does not get lonely in that spacious and luxurious home! its okay mimi and sun ee (her cats) will accompany her.

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