[CAP] Making Ocean World

– CAP –

Making Ocean World

(Jun 20, 2009)

Click Image : 100% size

CUTE……. right?


6 Responses

  1. look at her body, it killed me
    ahhhh LOL i cant take my eyes from those parts..keke you know, eventhough I’m a girl and i still like this, wonder what guys see, well HOT HOT HOT

  2. 2nd pic… @6

    is that she want to kiss….



  3. wow… so hotttt.
    Barbie… thank you so much

  4. nice caps!!…fuh,,i cant blink my eyes at all…!

  5. Sexy Cute! Those lips were made for me!

  6. who wouldn’t kill to spend a day with her ahhh hyori unnie my angel sarangheyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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