[CAP/DL] Hyori – Family Outing Ep.52 + Preview Ep.53 (21P/1V)

– CAP –

Family Outing Ep.52

(Jun 21, 2009)

Our W. Today……… DAMN CUTE!!! xD faint*

Click Image = 100% size

Chunhee can’t look back and cried front of all family at the end next week

This made me cried…  hoho .. An yong~ Chunhee & Yejunie

lol The Nation Sibling! lol

E.T –> Hyol – Tee

Just love daedae always worry about his nuna ;P …

~ Happy Baby want to be a little kid again ~

<TONs of Kookri moment . . .>

aiyyy cute cute cute…………. argggggggg!!! smile eyes!

i just hope ‘larch’ faint 😛

Love how kook jong teased her… super cute xD

JinRi ~ Daeri ~ the nation sibling!

haha… kook jong teased her again! GOOD JOB MAN!<3

Barbie changed to wipcream! lol

You cried alot T_T .. made me cry too ;'(






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Next Week Preview (Ep. 53)

@FO Thread-soompi, Uni0509, mac, Daebakmedia, aska15

..Please leave your opinion about today episode…


6 Responses

  1. thanks barbie, I watched this ep live too
    the last scene was sad, but i love the beginning with hyori,haha jaesuk teased her cause she looked like that alien from that american movie, i forgot the name of that movie but i liked it when i was a kid,lol, and kookri the kids were funny. I love hyori like that, she’s like a kid, totally kid, i want to play with her too.

  2. lol i haven’t watched the beginning ..
    keke today so many kookri xD someone here will dance like crazy kid…
    kookjong teased her a lot.. i like how he teased our w.
    where’s kookjong who always shy around girl lol xD
    daedae like a shadow of hyori now…

    Game part .. is so funny lolllllllllllllllllllllll look how she wearing and cover her head like that… yike! cute
    i fell of my chair .. how she fight with yejinie lol

    and so touch at the end T_T she cried alot
    baby cry <33 ROFL .. seem like many cap! my woman is so ROFLLL ly today~~~

    Ps. CH & YJ made me cried alot too T______T
    <333333 BABY!!!!!

  3. Awwww..my m.m cried alot T_T.
    Thanks for the fast caps…hopefully see beautiful ones later : )
    Me go watch now…

  4. KookRi was so funny, love that scene of them ,hahaha
    you guys notice they are closer and closer??
    I want more nation siblings, daeRi, KookRi and maybe HaeRi in the future eps

  5. HAHAHa…E.T. HyoTee soooo cute! So much kookri kiddies playing in playground so cute too.
    Thanks m.m for beautiful caps…

  6. waaaaaaaaaa i was laughing the whole episode but when the ending came i was crying like a baby i think i’m going crazy i hate seeing all of them cry mostly our queen i hate it when she cries!

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