[HR’Share] Dancer’s selfcam

Since 2006 … poor sweetie :S

Maybe ‘Shall we dance’ made them hurt like that… yike$%^

W. pls take care of you leg for photoshoot 😛


6 Responses

  1. Yikee….poor baby!!!
    The pouting faces soooo cuttee…make me wanna hug my woman! Thx m.m

  2. poor nuna

    hyori fightingggg

  3. those kids look so cute, poor them,haha they really looked like school kids to me,haha
    hyori and her dancers are too skinny, and look at her tanned skin among them., this was from depth i think.

  4. poor baby
    they all got bruise on their knee

  5. ah what happened to our queen’s legs?!!! but eventhough my legs will be bruised i don’t care i still would love to be one of her dancers^0^

  6. omg! poor legs T_T

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