[HR’Talk] Lee Hyori’s poem

Here is a poem which was written by a famous poet in Korea and he wrote two poems about two certain celebrities who he thought were beautiful: Lee Hyori & Song Hye Kyo. He wrote this poem for Hyori during 2003 while he randomly came across the show ‘Happy Together’ that she was hosting in the middle of the night.

Lee Hyori
by Poet Kim Yoon Shik

How can a girl be this lovely…

As if you’ve taken in all the wonderful scents and season of spring only for yourself,
You would make the mists of dew fall gracefully down your hair throughout the night.

I tell you…

To never, ever…grow up


To hurry and blossom into a grown woman.

No no,

To become a free bluebird
Or a sparkling star that splashes and jumps across the waters

Or it would be fine with me,

Even if you were to become the moonlight-like-daughter who is so small and young…

How can a girl be this lovely…

That I see all of nature in the world opening their eyes with flutter..
And in tune, they call out together

“Hyori…Hyori…Hyori…” as a joyous matter

It is as if I’m riding through Spring,
If your presence was any stronger,
I would have ended up stepping upon the flower petals
that you caused to land upon my heart and my soul.

How would it be to you, if I were to be near for just a single day today

credit to sribbles*@soompi


wow this writer sounds like a hyori’s fanboy, I love poem, it’s said he only wrote for Hyori and Song Hye Kyo


4 Responses

  1. haha, Hyori’s fanboy.
    if i’m not wrong, this’s clip interview. Hyori’s too cute in big dorky glasses, keke :”P

  2. lol so cute and touching at the same time

  3. kekekekekeke she was contorlling her laughter i guesss she didn’t expect people to view her like that but she is really pretty kekekeke

  4. LOL i didnt know that there is a video for this,hahaha so cute,haha that poet is so romantic man, I would love to see more fanboys of hyori doing more crazy and romantic things like that for her on TV,hehe

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