[HR’Talk] Lee Hyori+Kwon Sang woo shooting first shoot at Football match

This was in 2005, I guess, cause of hyori’s hair and KSW’s hair, this was when Kwon sang woo and Hyori were the spoken person for some brand, They are close celebs. They had so many CFs and projects together in the past. Their Anyclub with Eric rocked. Look at what she did with her arm in the end, and she looked close with the coach.

credit to larch89@ youtube

5 Responses

  1. wow.. i never seen before
    thanks Barbie for sharing this one

  2. thanks so much ^^

    hyori with joe cole :p

  3. woah is this could’ve been a ri couple before but now don’t know if kwon sang woo is still available….

  4. Kwon Sang Woo is now already married ^^
    but in the past.. he’s also in the list
    Ri Couple… kiki

  5. Tehehee, she was so cute when she was running towards the ball to kick it. ^^

    Her arm wave thing at the end was really cute too!

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