[HR’Share] Wallpaper -1 (22P)


10 Responses

  1. nice! nice!

  2. i just changed my wallpaper, I had a really nice wallpaper of hyori last summer that one which she is in bikini, but it’s a bit dangerous for me cause sometime me mom or dad see it, so i changed,now i have the new one with anycall, keke

  3. reli niceeee..i like wallpapers the most..makes my lappie stand out..with the Queen on the desktop,..any1 who sees it wil go WAHHH!!!

  4. thanks for sharing~ ^^

  5. thanks for sharing~ ^^ btw..where can i find the photoshoot of the first wall? thx

  6. Woohhh..wow.. Barbie! I will kiss you when I find you :p
    Thanks for all these wallies….time to load up on my
    desktop and screensavers. Love 1st one the most!
    @chrono..it’s from Cosmopolitan shoot 06. If you ask at Soompi hyori thread..I can post some hq pics from that shoot for you.

  7. waaa i love anything that has hyori in it….(heaven) kekeke

    I don’t change my default wallpaper but I just lve them for their niceness and HQ ness 😛

  9. omg! this is heaven on earth! ^____^ taking all!

  10. thanks a lot! ♥__♥ luv you guys

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