[Gossip Star] Big Bang ‘Japanese Album’ (4V+DL)

  • [AUDIO] Emotion (Eng Subbed) + DL
  • Emotion (Acapella Ver.)
  • [MV] Heaven + DL
  • Heaven Perf. (Mezamashi TV) @Japan

New Song > Emotion (Eng Subbed)

>> Download <<

Emotion (acapella ver.)


MV – Heaven

>> Download <<

Heaven Perf. (Mezamashi TV) @Japan/ Debut


| Part 1 |

Big Bang debut in Japan now!

love thier new song ;P Actually, always love BB song ;P

Heaven perf. OMG! Top’s rap xD ahhhh me love<3

Daedae’s dance … me love again lol

@CrzyViet369, Vicki3476,YGEntertainment,elaisvipp,seigi31


2 Responses

  1. me love it too…its a different..how 2 say it…FLAVA!!

  2. It’s different…but still big bang cool ❤

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