[Hyori’s wings] :: June 24th 2009 (#2)

  • Star with best body
  • Hyori is everywhere in Korea

“Star with best body”

The survey took two weeks between June 9-21 conducting an online poll and of 2509 people recommened Kwon Sang Woo as the number 1 occupied 46.22%. The 2nd place went to So Ji Seop at 27.27%. Seo In Young gained the support of another 39.47% voting apart from 36.98% of the 2nd place Lee Hyo Lee.

Among male artists followed are Song Seung Heon (20.87%) and 4th place actor Bae Yong Jun (5.63%). Actress Shin Min Ah took 3rd place (14.29%) followed by Hyun Young (9.26%).

The survey was carried out by New Never Cafe who is having a huge membership of 210,000 people. 1st position goes to actor Kwon was persuaded by his firm and elastic musclular body. Singer Seo In Young won the vote by her harmony shaped body with ratio lines. Both Kwon and Seo received the most evaluation among their colleague stars.

Credit: moi@ soompi, KSW@ soompi

//Dont you guys think that this is a weird poll? Rain is not even in TOp 5


“Hyori is everywhere in Korea”

Queen of Pop, sexy diva Lee Hyori is the last 2 year the spoken person for Ocean World, which this year just released 26 new pics and posters of the queen, which the queen is in a shorts and shirt, it makes you feel hot,this summer will be hotter with Hyori’s poster for Ocean World ,which are found everywhere in Seoul, at big store, Subway, parks…etc. Not only that but Hyori’s summer style is popular lately, girls can find those shorts like Hyori at big shop in Seoul, according to the sold products, hyori’s clothes style is very popular right now.

@Translation: ashleesimpson | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com


5 Responses

  1. I HATE THIS POLL HOW IS HYORI SECOND????????? SEO IN YOUNG FIRST THAT IS SO NOT TRUE HOW THE HECK DID SHE BEAT HYORI???!!!!!!! ehem i like the second news though….

  2. btw why is there no music anymore???

  3. hip hip , hyori!
    hip hip , hyori!

  4. whattttttttt? why #2 >..<

  5. Since we don’t have to worry about nosy soompi admins here.

    What on the short troll like mushroom head freak is going on that SIY beats hyori in this poll?!#$

    That’s ridiculous…votes must’ve been taken from a Jewelry forum ~_~

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