[PIC] Hyori attended to ‘Sunchang Sauce’ event (9P)

:: Jun 24, 2009 ::


@Hyolee Together


8 Responses

  1. wowow new picssssssss, love it, she looks so tan and has some meat, sexy dress.

  2. waah she looks classic here0o~ she sure is pretty wherever she goes….^_^

  3. I so freaking love her hair like that, straight hair, althought her perm on FO is cute too, but to me it’s straight baby, Go Hyori

  4. yeah…she looks real classy..elegant is the best word 2 describe!

  5. wow, her hair, love ittttttt 😛

  6. That dress looks really good on her because of how it fits her so nicely ><

  7. Beautiful very !!!!!!

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