[News] Lee Hyori & Daesung “On vacation together?”

>> Lee Hyori & Daesung <<

“<#1> Celebrities that want to go on a vacation together”

:: Jun 25,2009 ::

2009년 06월 25일(목) 오전 10:21

Singer Lee Hyori and Big Bang member Daesung have been voted for the first place as the male and female celebrities who fans want to go on a vacation with.

Professional education company eduwill (www.eduwill.net) from 10 to 23 June did a survey on 826 members of the cultural class to find out which celebrity they do want to go on a gold class vacation with.

For the female catergory, Lee Hyori has 28.1% (232 votes) is first place while others are lower than hers from 2-6 place respectively.

Lee Hyori is used and be known as the sexy icon for many years; her great and healthy looking skin colour can be seen in her bikini and her perfect S-figure suits the summer. As an ambassidor for Ocean World, it has helped her to earn more votes.

For the male catergory, Big Bang member ‘Daesung’ has 24.9% (206 votes) and he ranked #1 for male too.

Translation: babyleon | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com


4 Responses

  1. I want to go on vacation with Miss Lee, this poll is voted by students, i remembered the poll of last year which voted by fans who came to see the artists performed at music bank, and singers could vote too, MC mong, and soJu voted for hyori,keke

  2. I’ll go on vacations, honeymoons, proms, pajama party, shopping spree…anything with this woman : )

  3. kekeke i thought hyori and daesung said they wanted to go on a vacation together hehehe sorry my bad but anyway this reminds me of the poll that an arts school in korea conducted on who they wanted to be their teacher for one day from all the celebs almost all of them said lee hyori kekekeke…. i want to go on a vacation with her too!!!!

  4. I think it would be awesome to go on vacation with Hyori and Daesung. They crack me up every time I watch FO.

    But who were they up against? Sorry I can’t read Korean.

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