[HR’Collection] Lee Hyori with Dancers’ {selfcam} (50P)

:: 2003-2008 ::

Stylish… E

Dark Angel

It’s Hyorish

7 Responses

  1. HYORI rocks any image..from hip hop..to metal chic..to girl next door…these are the REAL pics backstage lol..am loving it!

  2. YAY very cool collection. What a beautiful silly sexy lady.

    ps.( Boobie, I added more to make it even 50pics = D
    You like? Can you even find any that k. added?) ;p

  3. waaa i love these pics where did all of these come from…. she rocks at any look she has^0^

  4. OMG, Hyori is so beautiful, even with no makeup. She is a hot mama. lol

    I like that her personality is the same on the stage and off the stage. You can tell she treats her staff members as family.

    She totally rocks. FIGHTING HYORI !!!!!

  5. those pics are so hot, cute, funny, hyori rocks anystyle
    i love seeing her with her staff, dancers, pp..those dancers from u go girl’s are so funny
    i meant they only took funny pics together as the whole group,haha i recognize the guy from shall we dance, and 1 minutes dancers..all and hyori rocked at her concert

  6. wow! those pics are cute, sexys and more *.* so many styles and all of them fits her like PERFECT..
    she rockz! ^.^

  7. she’s so pretty!

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