[Gossip Star] Kara {Fin.K.L} + SNSD Comeback (3V+DL)

KBS Music Bank
  • Kara – To My Boyfriend (Fin.K.L)
  • SNSD – MV/Perf. Comeback (Tell Me Your Wish ‘Genie’) + DL

KBS Music Bank

:: Jun 26,2009 ::

lol~ Hyori and all Finkl girls are so cute & young in the background


Comeback Stage

Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

– MV –

>> Download <<

– Etude

Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)


6 Responses

  1. I watched kara performing to my bf, but i havent watched snsd

  2. i miss the old kara but anyway the new kara is still cool(FINKL) snsd haven’t watched them much so i still don’t know what to comment about them….

  3. Kara did such a great job and I am happy they didn’t screw up on one of my favorite Finkl songs.

    I also loved that they had Finkl’s live performance of the song playing on the big screens.

  4. Oh My GOD~ I ❤ you soo much. SOSHIIIIIII~~ Saranghaee~~ Kara doing FINKL wasn't bad still I love anything with SoShi in there especially their genie performance and gee

  5. Haha so cute with the finkl vids in the background.
    The soshi girls got killer legs = )

  6. I want to watch it at kbs world
    music bank in 2nd week of june in kbs world this week

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