[News] Rain and Hyori are still the best

>> Still the best! Rain and Hyori <<

Artists with luxury body!

:: Jun 27,2009 ::

2009년 06월 27일(토) 오후 03:55

A recent poll of 931 unmarried men and women by http://www.frienmily.co, an internet-based ‘Looking for my Mr. Right or Miss Right’ agency, 48% said that they selected Rain as an artist who has the best figure, especially, 63.7% of the women voiced their overwhelming support for Rain’s nice body. Meanwhile, singer ‘Lee Hyori‘ took the first ranking as a female star (20.6%), with her S-line body Lee Hyori took the 1st place, while the 2nd place went to Han Chae Young with a slight difference of 0.7%.

In addition, Jun Ji-hyun (16.2%), hanyeseul (16.9%),
Hyun Young (15.4%), ranked 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

As for men 2nd went to Kwon Sang woo(32.4%), Song Seung Heon (9.0%), Bae Yong-jun (7.5%), Kim Jong Kook (3.8%).

Credit: KH.com Brief translation by rain bird@rain-eu from:rain-eu

//This is what I call a true poll, totally agree with BiRi ranked 1st for this poll.

3 Responses

  1. still unbeatable our BIRI really defines the word sexy>0<

  2. yay…all single man prefer hyori!

  3. hotness overload
    u gotta luv Hyori S-line body, n Rain 6 packs

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