[Gossip Star] Big Bang ‘MV’ + 2NE1 ‘Song’ Released! (2V+DL)


  • Big Bang ‘ガラガラ GO!!’ MV (2nd Japanese single)
  • 2NE1 ‘I Don’t Care’ (1st mini album) + DL

Big Bang – ‘Gara Gara GO’ MV

2NE1 – I Don’t Care


01. Fire
02. I Don’t Care (Download)
03. In the Club
04. Let’s Go Party
05. Pretty Boy
06. Stay Together
07. Lollipop (Bonus Track)

@YGEntertainment, YGladies, hq_twentyone


6 Responses

  1. Am i the only one enjoy watching this mv!!!!!!!
    arrrrr i’ve just watched it (around 5 times)
    (wth! am i really posted this topic? :P) lol

    TAE!!!!!!!!!!!! tae’s move made me faint ROFL!
    Daedae’s hair is lol !!!! dae’s muscle *o* dae is hot in this mv … and T.O.P is damn hot as alway! awesome
    GD’s hair wth! but love black+red outfit ..SR’s cute too!


    2ne1 i dont care!!! ?? surprise me ❤

    • What? who is Big Bang and 21???
      This is a Lee Hyori blog! ; P
      Is BB’s song in japanese, please sing in korean b/c i can’t understand japanese.

      Hyori = superstar # 1 ; P

      • This topic is not belong to that superstar no.1
        just leave outside this topic 😛

        oh! so u dont know japanese but understand korean?

        this k.! Yike!

  2. I don’t like what Big Bang are doing recently. The song and the MV aren’t that special. I’m waiting for their Korean comeback.

    However 2NE1 are good! I don’t care is really different from FIRE but still catchy! Anticipating the MV… ^^

  3. Hyori is the best! Hyori Hyori Hyori Hyori Hyori
    I talk about hyori anywhere I want !
    What can u gonna do? Warn me? I’m an Admin 😛

    Eh…I like Fire much better. Go back to hip hop please.

    Yes I understand korean—- Saranghaeyo boobie 😀

  4. haha!
    I just wanna come into this topic and leave a comment to support BB and 2NE1…But I just read aska’s comments about we are in Hyori’s blog…XD…kinda scared now! =P [hey aska…do you know me!? :P]

    Anyway, the MV is HOT and the song is so GOOD!! Even though it’s kinda strange for me to listen to their japanese songs but who cares….what I actually want is Big Bang’s songs!!! I don’t care if they are Korean or Japanese…..just their songs! ❤

    and 2NE1's I don't care is just so awesomeeeee!!!
    I don't care eh eh eh eh….=P

    [I guess aska is gonna mad at me! :))]

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