[HR’Collection] OTR polaroids (34P)



9 Responses

  1. wow… Mimi & Sun Ee is so cute…

  2. wow..so cool..mimi n sun ee looked kute lol..hyori too

  3. omg XD
    I love Mimi & Sun Ee XD
    They are so cute !!!!!!!!

  4. I’m scared of animals esp young/baby animals, but mimi and sun Ee looked so cuteeeeeee when they were babies, kekek
    but they look cuter now, I like cats like them, I want to have one, but my parents never let me to have one,( i know that)

  5. Haha all the epic moments of OTR. The cats are cute and Hyori is pretty. I like the pics of puppy Hyori. Keke

  6. how cute! hyori seems obsessed with her kitties haha.

  7. OMG her cats are soooooooooooo cute. I love that artwork of her.

  8. very cute ^u^

  9. I have cat !!!
    She is black color ..called Musya ..

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