[News] Hyori auditioning candidates for ‘Superstar K’

>> Auditioning candidates for ‘Superstar K’ <<

Entertainment Reality Show

:: July 01,2009 ::

Hyori is judging candidates for a new reality show.You can say that

“Superstar K” is the equivalent of “X Factor” or “American Idol” in Korea.
She is auditioning candidates along with Lee Sung Chul and someone else.
Hyori said that coming to an audition needs courage and strength,and she knows how much it demands to overcome the apprehension of being judge.She added that you must be confident,and tell yourself “you are the king of world” when you’re standing in front of the jury.You have to show what’s inside you,let your charisma take over the stage.

The 1st broadcast of the show will be aired on

July 24th @ 11PM (Korea Time) on M-net.

@original source:송윤세 knaty@newsen.com

Translation credit:YooJiin@Soompi


4 Responses

  1. She also revealed her ideal type of guy during the audition! 🙂 she said she doesn’t like pretty boys. 😉

  2. yesssss, i know from the online translation hyori said she hates/doesnt like pretty boys,kekeke hahah, she likes manly guys for sure, GO Hyori, so excited for this, cant waitttttttt.

  3. poor pretty boys! lol

  4. she’s so cute. love her!

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