[News] Hyori set for autumn comeback?

>> New album!!! <<

might be released in autumn this year

:: July 02, 2009 ::

Hyori Performance

Lee Hyori‘s new album, a collaboration with hit song-writer, E-Tribe, is tentatively set for release in autumn this year.

However, Hyori has said that she will not be making her come-back until she has produced an album she is satisfied with.

Hyori’s contract with her current agency, M-Net Media, will end this year. But she is contractually obligated to produce one more album with the company. So, her fourth album is scheduled to come out by this year.

But Hyori is not in a rush. “If it is difficult to come up with a good album this year, I think I will not release it this year,” she said.

The representative of female solo artistes in Korea — Hyori — very much wants to produce a quality album, especially since girl groups are all the rage now; competition has become stiffer.

A spokesperson said, “Hyori is giving her best and working very hard for the new album now.”

E-Tribe who overnight became a hit song-writer through U-Go-Girl, has promised to write a song that complements and suits Hyori. Because of this, the two have been talking a lot. E-Tribe is really making a lot of painstaking efforts to write her a good song.

Well, all the best, Hyori! May your next album be an even bigger hit!

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Source: http://www.donga.com/fbin/output?f=j__&n=200907020203&df=7


[News] Hyori “I don’t like pretty boy/handsome man type”

…Lee Hyori…

>> “I don’t like…pretty boy/handsome man type<<

:: July 02, 2009 ::


Lee Hyo Ri’s unexpected words drew attention from the public.

On the 26th and 27th at Seoul Coex during the nationwide star search audition for Mnet ‘Superstar K’, Lee Hyo Ri along with Lee Sung Shul, In Soon I , Yoon Jong Shin, and other representative of the music industry were involved in the judging committee of the slow.

That day Lee Hyo Ri said “I dislike ‘pretty boy/handsome man’ type” surprising everyone with that remark. “Recently pretty boys/handsome guys are really popular but I prefer a warm hearted charming man with his own personality.” She said this to the handsome male candidates.

Lee Hyo Ri with her usual charisma on stage also gave advice and sharp assessment to the applicants. She said to one unabashed contestant “Try to dance without any (music) accompaniment.”

She also said “Being too nice can be a hurdle for a singer” and “You have to raise your charisma to control the stage and sometimes you have to be selfish and show your face. She also said “You may sing well but if you don’t have ambition you won’t be able to show your skills on stage. A bit of cheekiness is necessary. After a month show the people the desire in your heart.”

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