[News] Hyori “I don’t like pretty boy/handsome man type”

…Lee Hyori…

>> “I don’t like…pretty boy/handsome man type<<

:: July 02, 2009 ::


Lee Hyo Ri’s unexpected words drew attention from the public.

On the 26th and 27th at Seoul Coex during the nationwide star search audition for Mnet ‘Superstar K’, Lee Hyo Ri along with Lee Sung Shul, In Soon I , Yoon Jong Shin, and other representative of the music industry were involved in the judging committee of the slow.

That day Lee Hyo Ri said “I dislike ‘pretty boy/handsome man’ type” surprising everyone with that remark. “Recently pretty boys/handsome guys are really popular but I prefer a warm hearted charming man with his own personality.” She said this to the handsome male candidates.

Lee Hyo Ri with her usual charisma on stage also gave advice and sharp assessment to the applicants. She said to one unabashed contestant “Try to dance without any (music) accompaniment.”

She also said “Being too nice can be a hurdle for a singer” and “You have to raise your charisma to control the stage and sometimes you have to be selfish and show your face. She also said “You may sing well but if you don’t have ambition you won’t be able to show your skills on stage. A bit of cheekiness is necessary. After a month show the people the desire in your heart.”

She ordered “Later in the future go in front of the judges and show your desire. Also make yourself believe ‘I’m the best’.” showing the know-how on how to capture the stage like a top sexy star.

Meanwhile ‘Superstar K’ started pre-election on May 3 in Incheon, followed by KangReung, Daejeon, Daegu, Kwangju, Busan and lastly Seoul. 70,000 people showed interest for ‘Superstar K’ and applied. The qualifying round to be conducted on the 24th , first broadcast will be at 11PM.

<글 박준범기자·사진 Mnet>

Translation Credit: o-cha@soompi

Source: http://sports.khan.co.kr/news/sk_index.htm…p;sec_id=540201


“My ideal man is someone with thick eyebrows and a burly build”

During the recent auditions for Superstar K, Hyori made a surprise revelation when she came face-to-face with a male contestant.

“He’s my style,” a visibly impressed Hyori blurted out.

The man in question was not a good-looking pretty boy, but a man with thick eyebrows and a burly build.

Hyori further revealed what she looked for in her ideal man. “I prefer someone with personality and character. He does not have to be good-looking. He just has to be comfortable to look at,” she continued.

Regarding Hyori’s surprise revelation, fellow judge, singer Lee Seong Cheol said, “Hyori’s revelation of the type (of man) she likes took me by surprise.”

Meanwhile, Superstar K is making waves even before hitting the screens. About 70 000 people turned up for the auditions, the largest number so far for auditions in Korea.

Translation: mandu00 | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com


14 Responses

  1. She doesn’t like pretty boys? That means she wants Kook Jong right? = )

  2. oops I thought the whole article was about the pretty boys thing, but No, the 2nd part it’s said about her advise and thing, wowowo this is my queen. GO Hyori, lucky boys and girls who auditioned.

  3. no wonder hyori is at the TOP…i din noe she has alot o tactics and things goin thru her mind while performing..Hyori Noona!!!

  4. k. !? how come
    kook jong is handsome too kiki! 🙂 {manly}

    wth! what about Top!!!!..
    W. ! its ok.. just leave him to me =P

    OH!! this woman ..spoke like that lol lol lol
    aha~ i want to see the way she talk to them now lol

    Yoon Jong Shin also there?? xD

    2nd NEWS
    OK! I will switch myself to normal guy (ugly abit) and fly to korea…
    to flirt with her… maybe she will see me 😛

  5. LOL barbie, she doesnt like handsome type but she likes manly guys, i guess guys have to work out first to have those muscle like her pet, LOL, well all my candidates for hyori all have handsome muscles, Bi, daniel , eric,..etc.. and more, LOL

  6. wowowo i think 1/3 of the contestants who audition , they all went there to see our queen, LOL, lucky dudes, I wish i’m in korea too

  7. i bet half of the contestant just want 2 see Hyori

    lol she doesn’t like handsome boy, no my “Danri” fantasy

  8. Hearing what Hyori said that she likes in a guy reminds me of the big shirt she found when she was cleaning out her closet in the “off the rec” show.

    You know I can totally she Hyori with someone like Mithra Jin. He looks so hot to me.

    70,000 people!!!! OMG I can’t wait for this show to come out. I am so excited.

    • Mithra Jin sounds so familiar to me, but I can’t picture him.
      Can someone tell me who he is?

      • Aska15- I left a reply but I don’t see it. I guess it’s because it has links.

        Anyways Mithra Jin is a member of Epik High the rap group in Korean.

        If my other reply shows up please Admin delete this reply, thanks.

  9. oooftt 70000 contestants (aka hyori fans) lolol

    I wish I could watch this show if it was on TV or something 😦 Anyone know what channel it will be on? Or will it only be shown through mnet website? Coz if it’s on like SBS or something I think I can watch it ><

  10. @Heavenly.. Thanks, now I know exactly who he is ; )

    Oh and the admin did see your message under the Spam
    section. She approved it, but it still didn’t show up.
    The admins here do their best, but their still newbies to
    wordpress keke : P

  11. …overrated. who is she to criticize who is good at singing… she sucks at it herself(not to mention dancing).

  12. i dont like some one who wants me to change i want someone who love the way i am…….

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