[News] Hyori set for autumn comeback?

>> New album!!! <<

might be released in autumn this year

:: July 02, 2009 ::

Hyori Performance

Lee Hyori‘s new album, a collaboration with hit song-writer, E-Tribe, is tentatively set for release in autumn this year.

However, Hyori has said that she will not be making her come-back until she has produced an album she is satisfied with.

Hyori’s contract with her current agency, M-Net Media, will end this year. But she is contractually obligated to produce one more album with the company. So, her fourth album is scheduled to come out by this year.

But Hyori is not in a rush. “If it is difficult to come up with a good album this year, I think I will not release it this year,” she said.

The representative of female solo artistes in Korea — Hyori — very much wants to produce a quality album, especially since girl groups are all the rage now; competition has become stiffer.

A spokesperson said, “Hyori is giving her best and working very hard for the new album now.”

E-Tribe who overnight became a hit song-writer through U-Go-Girl, has promised to write a song that complements and suits Hyori. Because of this, the two have been talking a lot. E-Tribe is really making a lot of painstaking efforts to write her a good song.

Well, all the best, Hyori! May your next album be an even bigger hit!

@Translation: mandu00 | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

Source: http://www.donga.com/fbin/output?f=j__&n=200907020203&df=7


6 Responses

  1. Oh WOW!!!! This we be beyond awesome if they can get the album released this year. I’ve been and still praying for her comeback this year!
    But first thing is to get a good album completed first right?

    (Mandu, don’t think we’ve met before, but thank you so much for the fast translations =) )

  2. whattttttttt? WOW, when i saw this news I was like, is this for rea? I’m not dreaming right? OK it may, But there is still hope, Hyori dont rush yourself but if she already recorded a good album then comeback soon…… we misssss you, hey dont you guys think this has something to do with her company contract too???

    mandu unnie thanksssssssssssss you’re so fastttt, this is your 1st news right, wowoow
    this made my dream** hoping, praying*** yeahhhhhh

  3. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

    OMG!!! GOOD NEWS for hyori’s fans like us T_T
    argg arggg… we will busy soon with this woman stuffs
    CAN’T WAIT!!

    but ye~ dont rush yourself.. rihyol baby
    its ok .. but your fans can’t wait… don’t rush .. just do it as fast as you can.. don’t rush .. i’m waiting & can’t wait right now.. don’t rush.. do your best but you have to active other project more… dont rush dont rush dont rush
    wth! am i lol (kidding babe.. take you time<3)

    kiki mandu nuna… thanks yo!!!!! appreciate your 1st news<3

  4. Thanks for the translation Mandu!
    It’s a very good news, I can’t wait for her comeback!!
    And like you all said, i hope she isn’t stressing herself about releasing it within this year!

    Be careful of your health Hyori!! ^^

  5. No problem guys. You’re welcomed! ^^

    OMG, I’m just as excited! I can’t wait! I can’t wait to watch her on Super K also. Maybe they will show a bit of the audtions and we can get to see which is the male contestant that caught her eye. Haha.

  6. wow wow i cant believe in my eyes
    so excited and cant wait for this news

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