[PIC] Soju Photoshoot sketch #Official Site (58P+DL)

:: July 03, 2009 ::

Soju PhotoshÖot

Official Site




. . . beautiful & happy kid> Rihyol esp. with her soju -Oops :x! xD

It’s too big like poster =D but WE ♥ HQ

Ps. Beware.. if your pc is super wide screen..  lol  n’ me already fainted ;P

Here’s set 2 > CLICK!


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[Hyori’s wings] :: July 3rd 2009 (#3)

  • Celebrities’ cars
  • “Come to play” with Lee Hyori, Maybee, Park Si Yeon and An Hye Gyeong
  • Hyori’s name was mentioned in weekend drama

“Which star whose vehicle up to  700000000-800 won ..”

As public interest in a star grows, this interest extends even to the cars that they drive.

Some stars spend as much as 700 million to 800 million won (approximately US$550 000-US$630 000) on luxury cars such as the Matiz.

Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon owns a Maybach 62S. Other Hallyu stars such as Song Seung Heon and Kwon Sang Woo are Bentley lovers. Song Seung Heon drives a two-seater sports car, the Bentley Continental GT model. The price tag of this car is around 300 million won (US$237 000). Kwon Sang Woo‘s favourite ride is from the Bentley Energy series.

Sexy icon Lee Hyo Ri goes around in a Benz CL500. She had the Nissan Figaro (the very cute blue car in OTR!) once, but sold it 1 year ago. 3 years ago, she drove a Nissan Cube, but also sold it.

Benz CL-500 (•◊•)

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