[Gossip Star] IU (Acoustic), Big Bang+2NE1, 3ne1, 4 Minutes


  • IU – Gee/ Lies/ Sorry Sorry (Acoustic)
  • Big Bang – Mnet YG Live TV [ENG]
  • News! >GD’s New Album!!!
  • 3NE1 – Fire
  • 4 Minutes – Tell Me (Wondergirls)



UI is only 16 years old.. i love her voice.. so cute! esp. Lies! COOL…

and she should release acoustic album

MP3 RIP > Gee | Lies | Sorry Sorry


Big Bang (2NE1)


Part 2 | Part 3

News! Big Bang G-Dragon’s solo album to be released on his 21st birthday

Big Bang leader GDragon will release his first solo album on 18th August on his 21st birthday.

G-Dragon is the 2nd member from the group to have his solo album. There are also plans for DaeSung to release a non-trot solo album later this year, and there are also plans TaeYang’s 2nd solo album



3NE1 – Fire!


So funny .. esp, Park Kyung Lim lol


4 Minutes – Tell Me (Wondergirls)


Cre: Youtube!

4 Responses

  1. OHHHHH I so love IU’s acoustic covers. That vid was my first time hearing her. And I really like her..so adorable and sweet voice.

    3NE1 is freaking hilarious!! I love PKL and LSY in there..so funny especially when do their solo dance : P

    I haven’t watch the 4 min performance..I heard it’s bad, so I’m
    scare to watch for now : )

  2. I’ve watched IU’s covers for about 10 times..and..I just love it!! She is just 16 like me but way so talented! :)) when I listened to her Lies cover, my eyes and mouth were about to open! O.O…XO… Her covers are the best!!! :X

    3NE1’s performance was awesome! :)) Jang Na Ra is so cute! They did a great job! “<….I can't even image how the original Tell me version would be if Hyun A was still in Wonder Girls at that time….Her voice destroyed the song! T_____T

  3. oh nevermind..I guess just because my old comment was too long, wasn’t it? LOL~~ Is it right that we can’t post a long comment? >”< How many letters are allowed to post?
    Sorry, I'm a newbie here….first time leave a comment! =D

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