[Gossip Star] Big Bang, SNSD Jessica, TVXQ, Hyolee


  • Daesung skips filming for the upcoming episode of Family Outing!
  • Big Bang – Behide the scene ‘Gara Gara Go’ MV
  • Cover of snsd’s “Tell me your wish”
  • Jessica (SNSD) also Danri Shipper? lol
  • TVXQ – First Ever Japanese CM
  • Gossip: Hyolee

Daesung skips filming for the upcoming episode of FO!

Daesung (Big Bang) will not participate for the filming of Family Outing due to Big Bang’s promotional activities going on in Japan.

He did not participate in the filming for the upcoming episode of Family Outing which will take place for 2 days and 1 night from 6th July as he had to be with Big Bang for their Japanese promotions.

DaeSung’s representative said, “Because of the Japanese schedule, DaeSung had to give filming for Family Outing this time a go. DaeSung has also found it a shame that he could not join the rest of the filming of Family Outing. He is also sorry for TV viewers who are waiting.”

Filming for the new episode begun yesterday and has ended at the time of writing. Kim Min Joon was the original guest family member while Ji Sang Ryul only came in at the last minute as a replacement for Daesung. Because of his Japan promotions with Big Bang, Daesung had no choice but to skip the filming for Family Outing this time round because of scheduling conflicts. Daesung had already missed promotions with Big Bang in Japan once after he chose to film the farewell vacation episode with Park Ye Jin and Lee Chun Hee last month. It’s not known if this scenario will be repeated in future.

‘Family Outing’ with Kim Min Joon and Ji Sang Ryul will be shown on 19th and 26th July.

And ‘Big Bang’ will release their 2nd Japanese single ‘Gara Gara Go’ on 8th July.

@K Bites, Allkpop

Behide the scene ‘Gara Gara Go’ MV



Snsd’s Tell me your wish (Cover by Sorea)



Jessica (SNSD) also Danri Shipper!?


Jessica, Discovered to be Daniel Henney‘s Fan!

SNSD Jessica revealed the truth that she is Daniel Henney’s fan.
Jessica on July 4th of the aired program KBS 2TV ‘Yeonyega’ showed her gratitude for being chosen as number 1 for ‘the artist who fans would like to share an umbrella with’.

Jessica was shy when she was asked to choose a celebrity she would like to share an umbrella with and replied “Daniel Henney”. She also said, “Henney oppa, would you like to take a walk with me?”


And also Lee Hyori‘s Fan …

Jessica got a chance to call Hyori, and Hyori talks about how she loves Big Bang<3

Here’s the vid (2007,Nov)^^ Jessica was very shy.. but hyori kept saying i only want Big Bang lol

(… Hyori first time attracted to Big Bang since 2007 around Sept,Oct. after Seung Ri’s Manwon Happiness… i think ^^)

They went to Hyori’s first concert last year!

SNSD – (Yuri. Sooyoung) : we experienced a lot when we went to Lee Hyori unni’s year end concert. After singing songs together from 10 years ago such as “Ruby” and “Eternal Love” and crying; and holding each other and saying, “I really wanted to see you,” really touched us.  Especially when Hyori unni said that, “[I] am happy to have spent time in my 20s with you when I was young and carefree,” made us teary eyed. It was a moment where we thought about our future, and we thought that it would be nice to be like that later on.

Ah~ Tiffany too ;P



DBSK – OronaminC CM

Features Japanese actress Aya Ueto.

It’s cute… and i really like Aya Ueto ><



Hyori ~ want to say something!

I just wanted to watch baseball !!… Leave me alone! Damn! REPORTER!!!

I will pitch you! @#$%… LOL

OR This?



Feel like… I only update Big Bang, 2Ne1, . .. . lol

Because most of us (we known) here also Love Big Bang ….

Hyori’s Fan~ (who always active here) Let me know who is your fav Idol? I will up in ‘Gossip Star’ section next time! ;D


11 Responses

  1. You’re always going to post Big Bang anyways…why
    even include them in this poll. That’s not fair
    for my artist : P
    I vote for Wondergirls kekeke. How come so many votes already…didn’t know we had that many active readers.
    I’m happy as long as I see girls…not really into seeing
    boys besides BB : P

  2. aska like WG eh…is that wad they say,u r on the pink side?..keke..voted too…me n ftriad on the same boat..for hyolBang…wakakaka

    • Sky…..I’m not on the pink side…that’s the other chick (aznchicken haha), she’s gone crazy for SNSD : P

      But dang, SNSD got the most votes…who’s voting for them?

  3. OK for all of us (Hyori’s fan)
    You guys post the name here… who’s your fav? 😛

    You can.. more than one *_*

    @aski… SNSD? too right

  4. boobie…more than 1? okieeeeeeee

    I like WG,2NE1,After School, 4 Minutes, SNSD
    and 1 guy Bi Rain : D

    No need to mention hyobang…cuz most of us here already ❤

  5. hhaha,my bad…its alwiz ok to b on other sides once in a while,as long we all noe who rawks our socks( my hyori)!!!..haha..this poll gonna go mad wen evry1 is bak..keke

  6. oh I love voting! :)) and of course, beside our Nation fairy, BIG BANG is the BEST!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ (feel so good that it doesn't have Hyori on the poll, cause' I would be totally confused! T____T
    Hyori unnie is so cute when she's talking on the phone! She's always hilarious and makes everyone happy when they have a CHANCE to talk with her! [I wish I had that chance, too! T_T]
    and yah….Hyori will pitch all the stupid reporters! =) [the last picture is so funny! :))]

  7. jess and Tiff both love hyori and daniel so i guess they are danRi’s shipper LOL , i knew it that they loved DanRI, i was surprised when i found out snsd loved hyori and daniel, lol

  8. God I didn’t even vote yet and SNSD is 2nd. Plus there isn’t a point in putting Big Bang on there. You’ll always post about them if not your dead >:D jk jk <3~~

    @Aska Yah!! Don't have to be spreading that around do ya?! But still in my heart it's
    1. Tae Yang…. + Hyori
    2. Big Bang (Lol sorry other members Tae Yang is always 1st.)
    3. SNSD~ and 2NE1
    4. WG

  9. noona so cool … ^^

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