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Family Outing rating soar!

:: July 06, 2009 ::

Thanks to Lee Hyori and Park Shi Yeon,the ratings of ‘Family Outing’ has been increasing.The duo, hyori and shi yeon has effectively attracted many more pairs of eyes watching.The episode with Park shi Yeon and Park Hae jin replacing Park Ye Jin and Lee Chun Hee in ‘Family Outing’ is about the two of them together with Yoo Jae Suk,Lee Hyori,Yoon Jong Shin,Kang Dae Sung,Kim Soo Ro and Kim Jong Kook knowing and understanding each other more.
The Nation’s Sibling’s Yoo Jae Suk And Lee Hyori are the seniors,directing and leading the newcomers respectively,preparing for them a big welcome ceremony.
Park Shi Yeon once said in an interview that she will try her best to show more of her funny and outgoing side.She clicks with Hyori but she tends to speak a little more slower and it seems that she is not adapted to village life yet.
As Hyori wanted to dominate over as the host,but Park Shi Yeon just uses her smile to slowly brush them through.The two female duo will also continue to compete for the number 1 spot.The person who cant stop talking,Yoo Jae Suk,
is also stopped by Park Hae Jin who cannot accept defeat easily.
On that day, the ratings for the show is 19.7%, leading over other popular variety shows as number 1.

2009년 07월 06일(월) 오후 12:00

Thanks to Lee Hyori and Park Si Yeon, ratings for Family Outing have soared. The conflict and rivalry between Senior Hyori, and Newbie Si Yeon has captured the attention of many viewers.

In the episode that was aired on 5 July, Park Si Yeon and Park Hye Jin joined as new family members, taking the place of Park Ye Jin and Lee Cheon Hee. The episode focused mainly on the getting-to-know-process between the new and older family members.

The ‘Nation’s Siblings’, Lee Hyori and Yoo Jae Suk tried to dominate and take charge of the newbies by advising and lecturing them. The straightforward Lee Hyori in particular, whose personality is the exact opposite of the polite and politically correct Park Si Yeon, tried to dominate her.

Park Si Yeon said in an earlier interview, “I will show the real me (on the show) candidly.” Her slow manner of speech, unassuming personality and lack of experience in country life, which she showed on the program, drew the attention of many.

Lee Hyori tried to show Park Si Yeon who’s boss by chiding and lecturing her, but Park Si Yeon simply responded by smiling politely. Hyori just could not get the better of her.

The image of a humiliated Hyori which is rarely seen, drew many people’s interest. In future episodes, the two’s psychological warfare and struggle for dominance within the family will unfold.

On the other hand, the never-at-a-loss-for-words Yoo Jae Suk, was made dumbfounded by Park Hye Jin’s sharp retorts.

In the same episode, Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Jong Shin, who sincerely wanted to welcome the new family members, prepared a candid camera prank, which ended up with Park Si Yeon in tears.

The ratings for this episode of Family Outing was at an all-time high of 19.7%, as compared to MBC’s Saturday Night (4.7%) and KBS’s Happy Sunday (17.5%), which were shown in the same time-slot.

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