[PIC] Stalked Family during filming Ep.55 (Fancam)

(July 08, 2009)

They stalked Family during filming for the upcoming episode of Family Outing Ep.55

filming for 3 days 2 nights….


Lee Hyori is completely pretty.

Naturally good. Kekekeke…

We thought she was a foreigner! Kekeke… We were surprised~

The pictures we took in secret did not come out.

If you see it, you’ll completely fall in love (with Hyori) Kekekekekeke

Credit: Cyworld

@Trans: mandu00


3 Responses

  1. darn..can’t really see hyori’s face here…
    it felt like they filmed this hiding in the closet or something…a little creepy, but I’ll do the same for hyori haha : P

  2. lol while watching this fancam i image that i was standing that close to her, gosh lucky pp who can meet hyori, i will faint if she stands infront of me

  3. so lucky … i wanna see her nealy like that .. xD

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