[News] Lee Hyori’s official Chinese site set up ahead of China advance.

>> Lee Hyori advance to China <<

:: July 10, 2009 ::

2009년 07월 10일(금) 오후 05:15

Right after Lee Hyori announced her advance to China, many Chinese fans been mobilized and have set up an official website for her.

The official website named ‘Hyori China’ (www.hyoleeic.cn) which a fansite where fans will give support for her China advance. Details on her China advance and plans will also be updated on the site. Already the site has attracted thousands of viewers to it everyday to find out more about this ’sexy icon’.

Lee Hyori will advance with her music drama for Hyundai released in China. It is a huge project involving great music and choreography prepared for the music drama – with famous director Cha Eun Taek involved this time too.

Lee Hyori will also be flying to China for 5 days 4 nights to film for the music drama on 18th July.

Hyori said on 8th July after filming MBC ‘Come to play’ “Even though schedule will become tighter now, I’m very excited. It is encouraging to see the support from the Chinese fans even though I will not be very active in China.”

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5 Responses

  1. I really don’t understand now. So at last she’s entering in other markets???!!!
    She said she didn’t want to in her Singles interview… So confusing. I’ll wait to see what will happen exactly.

    • Alice… i think she wil not that active much in China
      just Hyundai CF or maybe a little activities..
      maybe.. because there have tons of chinese fans there
      (from we watched fancam in the airport LOL)

      so she think about it again after Singles interview
      haha 😛

  2. the wait been killing me, finally a new music drama, hope it long,

  3. Can’t wait for this Anycall style music drama…..I hope this rocks!
    But I think this is all that she is doing in China though, right?

  4. Wow they are fast. I think it’s great she is exploring other markets. Crossing fingers that she will explore the US market. Tightly crossed. teehee

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