[Eng Subbed] Lee Hyori – Over Mountains, Across Seas

>> Lee Hyori – Section TV <<

( Over Mountains, Across Seas )

{Mar 15,2006}


By HyoleeSubs

Cre: hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

Translation: mandu00

Timer: Barbie1r || Editor: aska15

Encoder/Uploader: Barbie1r


4 Responses

  1. this reminds me of family outing = )
    she’s still too heavy for anyone to carry = P
    so cute as always<3

  2. as I just said on youtube…why every show that has Hyori always seems so great like this? She’s cute and kind and hilarious! ❤ Just love her so much!!!

  3. keke.. i like how she teased her oppa,JD
    they are so close.. hyori had a hard time since then (2006) seem like this oppa take good care of her 🙂 to not crying too much 😛

    and lol why her eyes like that since 0.10 (start) LOL
    baby cried again!

    thanks mandu nuna yahooo… kieeeeeeeeeee ..myself
    ^_^ great vid.. our w. is super cool CHORI

  4. mandu unnie is the best
    i have watched this before but without sub
    this show was so good, i knew it, when i think of FO and this show, i think this show looks like FO, the thing is there is no games in this show, and hyori and her oppas just visited the elders in a village, love hyori, hyori dont cry, be strong

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