[News] K-Girl Group, LPG uses Lee Hyori’s name in new song

>> Lee Hyori’s name in LPG’s song <<

“Jang Don Geon, Lee Hyori”

:: July 10,2009 ::

LPG’s new single, which is named after two of Korea’s tops stars has been a topic of much discussion.

On 10th July, Korean Girl Group, LPG revealed their new single, titled

‘Jang Dong Geon Lee Hyori’, through an online source.

Their agency, Chanyi Production said, “We included the names of pretty and good-looking top guns like Jang Dong Geon and Lee Hyori in the song.”

The meaning that the song is trying to convey is that although we are not as cool and good-looking as Jang Dong Geon, or as sexy as Lee Hyori, normal people can also have the chance to live happily through their own beauty.

Concerning the name choice of the song, the agency revealed that they did not ask for the permission of Jang Dong Gyeon or Lee Hyori, but hope that they will be big-hearted about this.

The melody of the song was composed by Lee Ju Ho — who also composed Eru’s song, White Snow — and the lyrics are by Im Je Na.

LPG appeared on SBS’s Inkigayo on 12 July to promote the song.

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[CAP/DL] Hyori – Family Outing Ep.55 + Preview (7P/1V)

– CAP –

Family Outing Ep.55

(July 12, 2009)


She so cute when she smiles and her eyes disappear<3

Miss sleepyhead….last one to wake up again ;P


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[PIC] Hyori and family {Family Outing Ep.55} More… (5P)

(July 12, 2009)

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[Fanmade] MV – Lee Hyori’s LIFE! (My Life)

MV – Lee Hyori’s Life

( My Life )


It’s fanmade MV (by Korean fan).. i find it very cute and this is really her life lol

Sexy star on stage, showed her normal life in OTR / such a dork in Family Outing… cry,drink lol, happy kid, blah blah

I like the part Ji Hye (her best friend) said in this mv : Being.. Lee Hyori

When knowing around 30% about her.. You will think ‘Ah Lee Hyori is blunt and has a good personality”.

After some time knowing 50% about her.. She is ‘haggard and irritable’.

To close friends… Knowing 100% of Lee Hyori, you feel compassion…

Of course, Hyori’s expression is the same as friend.


By Korean Fan