[CAP/DL] Hyori – Family Outing Ep.55 + Preview (7P/1V)

– CAP –

Family Outing Ep.55

(July 12, 2009)


She so cute when she smiles and her eyes disappear<3

Miss sleepyhead….last one to wake up again ;P


Haha..our hyori steal daedae’s passport, he look like a kid =P
Poor dae, look what his noona did to him while he slept..





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Next Week Preview

> Kim Min Joon <

(Ep. 56)



2 Responses

  1. Dang! wt! woman why u did like that to your dongsang
    ya.. he’s big bang LOL pls dont forget 😛 he’s not your sis!

    daedae.. are you a bodyguard(shadow) of hyori? but me love .. photo(cap) hunt .. pls continue do it~

    W. .. please eat more.. love your 53 Kg [healthy chori]

    Our w. is dammm cute W(M)E LOVE YOU!
    Thanks kie!<3

    Ps. Miss sleepyhead.. xD …(kiss*)

  2. is that a pony? it’s not a horse right? hahaha hyori looks so freaking cute on that pony,hahaha
    it thought daedae pretened to be asleep so his Nuna could make fun of him,haha but it seemed like he really didnt know anything.
    she looked so tanned, i love her hair up like that, so pretty, i dont understand the 1st part of today ‘s ep so i found it boring, but next week looks good, KIm min joon and hyori, yeahhhh cant wait

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