[GIF] Daeri – Family Outing Ep.55 (8P)

For… Dae*Rï Fans!

– Family Outing Ep.55 –
















Miss sleepyhead 😛



12 Responses

  1. daeri? where’s my kookri? = P
    Lol poor dae dae…his noona turn him into a girl again.

  2. Not much your kookri… this epi
    and because of bie made it for chu…* 😛

  3. haha lol when i saw the gifs i thought some korean fan made it, but then i realize our daeRi#1 fan made it,haha
    lol i love the part which she put lipstick on him, and the next morning, omg,hahah

  4. lol~ can someone make the gif when Hyori was really mad at Shi Yoen because she was answer a real short sentence to Hyori. But DaeSung laughed a lot in front of Hyori so she said “Is it funny? >:| ” then Daesung immediately stopped laughing! lol~~~ I love that scene! ❤

  5. so cute … i need sister like her . xD

  6. where can i buy family outing i reall wanna see al the episodes but not on streaming sites . is there anywhere i can order the lastest dvd sets or somthing =(

    • Hi Avi…Family Outing is not available on dvd as far as I know.

      But you can download the english subbed episodes from
      Ramen Soup forum ….the quality is pretty good.

  7. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAERRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. hello i am daeri fan, too
    i love them
    they are very cute
    i think it’s fun when they live together

  9. so cute
    i love them
    i am daeri’s fan , too.

  10. aww they’re so cute 😀

  11. i’m a daeri fan as well! ❤ heheheh:) would anyone have any idea if the dvd is out yet…i really want to buy so i can keep watching it over and over again. its sooo cute and funny it never gets olds:D I LOVE THIS TV SHOW!

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