[News] About Family Outing Ep.58 {Recording!}

:: July 13,2009 ::

Summary : The recording for Family Outing is usually every 2 weekes, but since our W. (Hyori) this week end has to go to china (For shooting Hyundai CF), she won’t have time next week for the recording. so the recording moved forward to this monday n tuesday~~

This Episode will air on 2nd and 9th August!


———Ya.. it’s today and tomorrow …….Whoa! so who’s the guest then…………….

hmmm (can’t wait for her new CF-MV music drama ><

5 Responses

  1. you are so fast with the news

  2. woaaaaaa FO< i want to see sung yuri with hyori, yuri is having a new drama which is airing on sbs, or some hot actors are ok too

  3. wow..their shooting again already.
    I guess we shall see who the guest is real soon.

  4. What?! Hopefully she’ll be in all FO ep!

  5. du du du. 패밀리가 떴다~~!!! ♥
    i heard that the guest is Song Ji Hyo(Goong)~~!! ^^

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