[CAP] Come To Play {Preview} + (8P)

Come To Play (Preview)

//Airs July 20th//

(July 13, 2009)



5 Responses

  1. Omg the gifs look so cute. Can’t wait to watch thissssss.
    The little sailor outfits..freaking cuet…..me die =P

  2. OMG i cant wait for this, so sexy, love her hair, her dress, OMG finkl is back, well this is not finkl but it has hyori in it,hahaha sooooooooooo excited, thanks barbie

  3. ME CAN’T WAIT TOO!!!!!!! xD

    so cute ~~! Arrrr…

  4. 31-er haha
    oh yay finally HYori and Maybee on a show together
    lol i cant wait HYori and kim won hee is hilarious

  5. Really can’t wait for this episode. Look fun and Hyori is so cute. I swear she’s not aging, sh still rocks the school uniform. keke

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