[News] Korea’s 79er beauties army has gathered on ‘Come To Play’

>> Four 31 y.o beautiful snipers came! <<

‘‘ Come To Play ’’

:: July 14, 2009 ::

Four 31 year-old beautiful snipers came! Lee Hyori and Maybee waiting for love confession?

Korea’s 31 year-old beauties army has gathered on <<Come To Play>>

The episode of MBC “Yoo Jae Suk & Kim Won Hee’s Come To Play” is going to be aired on July 20th with the 31 year-old beauties of the korean entertainment business namely Lee Hyori,Park Shi Yeon, Ahn Hye Kyung and Maybee as guests.
The preview of this episode’s “Come To Play” has left many fans very excited.
In this episode of Come to play, they confess without hiding anything their 30 y.o. daily life, “the attitude to take while leaving their 20s”, “their life being 30s” etc are the topics of a honest talk.

In the preview, we can see they appear surprisingly with Fin.K.L “To My Boyfriend” concept, letting fans to see them going back to their 20s pretty girls image.

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[HLS’ Trans] Jang Dong Geon Lee Hyori – LPG

‘Jang Dong Geon Lee Hyori’

(장동건 이효리)

Artist: LPG

English Translation: mandu00

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