[News] “ELLE KOREA” exposition

~ So proud of our Hyori ~

.<ELLE KOREA> celebrates its 200th number with an photos exposition, it exposed 22 power women who can represent a modern female philosophy and charm. It includes entrepreneur, beauty artist, actress, author, athlet etc. Lee Hyori is the representative  of the singers.

I am so proud of our Hyori, aren’t you?? ^^

Translation: startoxic | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com


5 Responses

  1. wow, so proud of our Fairy
    Hyori’s pic attract many pp around

  2. Wow i want to be there to see hyori’s pic
    wowo yes i know i’m so pround of her, hyori’s POWER, i cant wait for the new music drama

  3. absolutely … is not her .. and is for whom ??

    hhaa. … my Noona have powerr more more and more .. haha

  4. people are gathering in front of Hyori’s picture! lol~
    almost the women…guess they are saying: “wow…it’s Lee Hyori!…I wanna be like her…XD”

  5. Aw, so proud of Hyori!

    Love her Elle photos too. ^___^

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