[News] Kim Min Jun and Ji Sang Ryeol fight over Hyori in Family Outing

“I came to meet Hyori, really.” — Kim Min Jun

“It seems like it will not be easy to capture Hyori’s heart.” — Ji Sang Ryeol

:: July 15,2009 ::

Family Outing Ep 56

Hyori’s popularity with the boys is sky-rocketing through the roof.

The guests for Family Outing Episode 56 are Kim Min Jun and Ji Sang Ryeol. In the trailer, which was shown at the end of Episode 55 on 12 July, footage of the two guests vying for Hyori’s attention was aired.

In that episode, Ji Sang Ryeol, who called himself “Hyori Dandelion”, showed his caring and considerate side and took care of Hyori from start to finish.

“But I think it will not be easy to capture Hyori’s heart,” he said.

His rival, is none other than the lead male actor in MBC’s drama, Friend, The Untold Story.

“I came in order to meet Hyori, really,” Kim Min Jun confessed.

Family Outing will be going to Gyeong Sang Nam do, Hapcheon — Kim Jong Kook’s hometown — for this episode, where they will try para-gliding. Upon finding out that Hapcheon is Kim Jong Kook’s hometown, the Family tried to find his relatives in secret.

This episode will air on 19 July.

@Translation: mandu00 | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

4 Responses

  1. oh wow i cant wait to see this episode!! sounds pretty fun

  2. Lol, the 2 male guests will try to get hyori’s heart?
    And they are visiting kook jong’s hometown too. This
    sounds like a fun ep! Can’t wait too.

    Thanks mandu<3

  3. wow!!! It’s gonna be fun!! I wanna see how Hyori will react when the 2 guests trying to steal her heart! lol~~~

  4. Everyone wants Hyori’s heart! lol
    Can’t wait to see this!

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