[News] Lee Hyori, without photoshoping “a honest pictorial”?

~ A natural Lee Hyori ~

:: July 13,2009 ::

A pictorial without photoshoping of Lee Hyori to sell products?

Recently, photos of a brand of soju which Lee Hyori is the spokeperson appeared on the internet, they attracted a lot of netizens’ attention. The figure of Lee Hyori in this pictorial is slightly different from some other previous photos, compared to some “legs length streched, body shape adjusted and arranged” photos,these photos  can be entitled as “a honest pictorial”.

Netizens’ reactions are “very healthy and sexy”, “a healthy and flexible figure is the best”, “it’s satisfying even without psing, it’s ok”.

Translation: startoxic| hyoleesubs.wordpress.com


« Here’s the photoshoot »

SET-1 | SET-2


7 Responses

  1. still beautiful
    they dont need 2 use photohop on our queen

  2. the right word is” healthy” yes , she’s healthy, i noticed in the preview of come to play, the other girls are too skinny compared to hyori, well i call hyori as one of the skinny girl but the others are skinnier, not healthy to me. Go baby

  3. For sho…no photoshop needed. Nothing beats the real thing baby. She’s a healthy smexy girl.

  4. You can see a difference… but still pretty lol

  5. sure she doesn’t have the longest figure in K-entertainment.. but girl knows how to WORK IT!!!

    god.. no matter what, she just keeps getting sexier!

    thanks for sharing!

  6. I think she looks even better without photoshop! This is my ideal body! Toned, fit and healthy!

  7. You can tell Hyori is truly loved cause netizens are quite harsh when it comes to figures like Hyori’s. They usually call them fat like in Yoobin’s case. I think Hyori and Yoobin look fantastic!

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