[News] Who is Hyori’s man ?

>>Lee Hyori, Wilber Pan and the CF recording.<<

:: July 15,2009 ::


Lee Hyori associated with Taiwan top star Wilber Pan to enter in China, will be reveal in August.

Lee Hyori management stated that “Wilber Pan arrived in Korea on the 14th afternoon, for the moment he only recorded the song with Lee Hyori and about her official entrance into the Chinese market, it will be actually only 2 or 3 short activities.”

Last month, Hyundai cars chose Lee Hyori as the model for the China’s CF and at the same time she is using this opportunity to enter the Chinese market.
In 2005, the director Cha Eun Taek and the scriptwriter Park Geun Tae created a stir with Anymotion and they are reunited once again for this musical drama.
This musical drama is going to air in the entire China, it is the first step for Lee Hyori’s overseas activties. The new song has a Korean and a Chinese version, the promotion will take place the earliest in August.

In early May, when Lee Hyori went to Shanghai for a CF recording, her high popularity in China could be seen.

***his project is her first overseas activity, everyone is paying attention to how “the Lee Hyori’s effect” will be in overseas.


Additional informations:

  • Wilber Pan arrived in Korea on the 14th
  • Wilber Pan song recording starts on the 15th
  • Lee Hyori song recording starts on the 16th
  • Recording of the CF and the music drama on the 19th
  • Lee Hyori is going to have 2 or 3 promotion activities in China
  • This is not her official entrance in Chinese market

Translation: startoxic | hyoleesubs.wprdpress.com


6 Responses

  1. yeahhhhhh early August, yeahhhhh i cant wait, 2 weeks left till august, this will be a bomb, 2 biggest star of Asia, i heard wilber Pan is very popular in asia, i dont really know him though, i think i will love the korean version more,haha and i think i have never seen hyori singin in Chinese, cool!!

  2. i noe him…he has som good songs..i tell u,he cud b the best candidate..cos i dun like jay chou

  3. Oh Sky, I so agree with you. I would be so devastated if they choose Jay Chou. I hate him so much. ><

    Fortunately they made a good choice, I'm quite satisfied so now I can't wait more to see the drama. ^^

  4. I’m so excited for this MV…omgosh I would die if I hear Hyori singing in Chinese lol.

    I don’t know him much either, but he looks hot to me = )
    Plus he went to college near me! win win

  5. aska, oh he went to college near to you? really? wowow
    this guy’s popularity is much bigger than i guess, i did read comments everywhere about him and everyone was saying he’s HUGE in Taiwan and China.
    I have to watch his drama 1st,keke

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