[Hyori’s wings] :: July 16th 2009 (#2)

  • Finkl- SES are active this summer
  • Mnet 20’s choice awards

“Summer power of 7 people of famous girlgroups Fin.KL-SES”


Members of Fairy girlgroup Finkl and SES are all in the industry this summer, let’s see how this power will scramble.
Finkl and SES were the most famous girlgroup back then in 90s, but after they official broke up, you rarely heard about them as one. Finkl’s fans are waiting for a reunion of their idols but since the digital single of Finkl which was released 2005, 4 years ago, they havent heard anything about Finkl so far, but you can see the 4 members of this girlgroup in this summer as often as you want.

The leader Lee Hyori is doing well with SBS Family outing which is aired every Sunday and Family outing will be continued. Early this month the youngest member Sung yuri started film her new drama SBS drama ” Swallow of the sun”. Lee Jin’s new drama” Soul” is going to air on MBC this August. Ock Ju Hyun is having a new musical this summer too.

The same goes for SES, Syuneun is having a new solo album, Eungene is comeback with a new movie which is currently airing in Korea.

”Did all of this bring your memories back about the old days? well I miss my finkl, I want them together.
or I hope the girls can reunite on FO,keke”


“Mnet 20’s choice awards will be held in August”


In the concept of summer, Mnet 20’s choice awards is coming up soon. Mnet 20’s choice awards 2009 will be held on August 28th at Jamsil Gymnasium seoul. The ceremony include the red carpet, blue carpet, outdoor , swimming pool and a hot dress code, and 20 awards will be presented. And ofcourse you can forget the HOT performance of this year awards.

Last year, we had sexy diva Lee Hyori, Wonder girls, jewelry, junjin, bigbang..etc. to perform, you cant forget the hot performance of the 2 sexy divas Lee Hyori and Uhm Jung hwa, the joint stage of Kim gun mo and Snsd, Bigbang’s brillant stage.

Girlgroups, girl power dominates the music industry this summer, so let’s wait what will happen at 20’s choice awards this year?

”well , we miss a lot of big stars this year, Lee Hyori, BB,WG, DBSK. I wonder if this year awards interesting to watch??”


By: ashleesimpson | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com


4 Responses

  1. mnet 20’s choice is not really interesting
    no bb , hyori T_T
    that’s too much badd

    anyways i still wanna watch 2ne1 and snsd :p

  2. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But it’s not mean Finkl’ll perform together, right?
    Hope they’ll appear on FO ^^
    And hope Our Fairy’ll receive some awards again 😛

  3. Ehhh..this year awards no fun unless our hyori is there ^_^
    I want to see her collabs..love all of them.

  4. wow this will not be the same as last year because as everyone said no BB Hyori unnie Wonder girls or DBSK. Really too bad. But i think i will watch just for 2NE1 because they are really good.

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