[Video] ‘SuperStar K’ 2nd Teaser

(July 16, 2009)

Video has been removed by mnet (Copyright)

Can’t wait to see what Hyori says to some poor souls = P


[Trans~ Hyori’s part…]

(Evil) Hyori : “You look like a country bumpkin from top to toe.”
Hyori : “Do you know that?”


6 Responses

  1. OMG poor pp, i dont really like this preview, i see so many pp crying, anw the judges are only big names like eru’s dad, hyori, wheesung, jong shin..etc.
    i cant wait for this, i wonder when did they recorded that ep which she had her black dress,hehe

  2. LOL, she said that girl look like country bumpkin. Dang! Our W. o_0

  3. Haha OMG evil Judge, haha but i love her , My queen is so honest, LOL, i feel bad for that girl,haha

  4. Harsh!! But I love it!!!
    Can’t wait to see some evil Hyori. Kekekeke

  5. I hope ppl don’t criticize her for her harsh comments. Hyori knows what she’s talking about and I still love no matter what!

  6. aww .. lol another thing i love about hyori is her honesty [=

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